Weekly_CG_Challenge#107 – Insects

Weekly CG Challenge #107

Hello, this time I’ve something special to share, this was my entry for the WeeklyCGChallenge #107.

Maybe I’ll do a “making of” for this project. I have it all recorded with the marvelous “OBS Studio”.

It took like 16 hours to develop it from start to finish. Nothing special or fancy was used to produce this image, just architectural visualization techniques, and imagination.

This project was conceived and developed in 4 blocks:

  • Concepting (Hand drawing / photoshop sketches)
  • Modeling (Zbrush 3dsMax + some third partner plugins)
  • Rendering (3dsMax+Vray)
  • Posproduction (Photoshop)

Hope you like it!, it was a fun project to develop!.

Special Thank’s to my wife!, Luv u Gil!

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